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Application Modules


Each school and University has its own set offerings in terms of what kind of education is offered to its students. This is where Eskuwela's Curriculum module comes in where you can define the school or university's own unique set of courses and their content.

Eskuwela Subjects

In Eskuwela, you have the flexibility to define the Subjects being taught, what school and department owns the subject, and corresponding number of units the subject holds whereby rules can be set on the maximum number of units a student can take within a semester.


The Eskuwela curriculum gives you a prescribed syllabus that specifies what subjects and activities a student must go through to complete his area of study. Workflow is integrated when creating a curriculum whereby approves can review the curriculum prior to its application and use for the corresponding school year. With Eskuwela, you have the flexibility to define the curriculum whereby all the required subjects and their prerequisites are mapped in sequence making it clear and easy to understand.

Inquiries and Reports

Powerful inquiries and reports enable you to easily manage each your defined curriculum and determine which subjects a student has to take in his particular course.

Benefits of Eskuwela’s Curriculum

  • Accurately define the subject being taught in each class
  • Keep track of the sequence of subjects needed for the curriculum
  • Effectively define and manage the curriculum for each of your courses for each school year