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Application Modules


With the start of each school term, it becomes critical for the school to properly schedule and allocate all of its resources to accommodate students.

Scheduling of classes largely depend on the availability of not just the rooms and facilities of the school, but also the availability of teaching faculty.

With the school’s growing number students, scheduling of classes becomes a daunting task with myriad of courses available and different facilities and faculty needed to support each class.

Scheduling plays an important role in the school’s enrollment process. With Eskuwela’s scheduling module, the following features are provided:

Scheduling of Faculty

Professors, teachers, instructors, laboratory technicians, physical education trainers, sport coaches, and other types of faculty need to be available and properly scheduled in order to meet the demand of the school term.

With scheduling, the availability of faculty is properly defined.

Scheduling of Facilities

Laboratories, audio visual rooms, computer rooms, sporting venues, standard teaching rooms and other school facilities are scheduled at the start of each school term.

Scheduling allows you to define the availability of these facilities that is strictly enforced to ensure that there are no schedule conflicts with other classes.

Class Schedules

Based on the availability of school facilities and faculty, scheduling allows you to produce available class schedules at the start of each school term. Class scheduling takes into account all the courses or subjects of existing students and courses needed for new students starting in your school.

Benefits of Scheduling

  • Fully utilize the school’s facilities
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Improves enrollment process providing availability of class schedules